Property Management Coaching and Consulting Programs

Long before I was Certified Business Coach and a Professional Property Manager, I was a Residential Landlord just like you. I ‘d at one time 8 rentals and I learned from experience what not to do and what to do.

Supply and to better educate those that are looking to be a “ ” landlord that was professional, I have below 3 Signature VIP Programs. These plans can be produced almost or in 1 day intensives in person if you’re close to where the program is being offered, n’t. Please inquire about coming programs and pricing.

Since only a few slots are offered at a time, the VIP Applications are 1 day intensives by invitation. You may receive a USB card/flash stick with all digital records to take alongside you.

In person VIP days include continental breakfast, a light lunch and dinner at a nearby restaurant. This is a roll up your sleeves and get down to business type of day which will be punctuated with some enjoyment and party at the conclusion of the day.

Phone to discover about upcoming programs and pricing. In case you’re still uncertain of whether you need a property management consultant or trainer, give me a call and we can evaluate your situation free of any commitments.

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