Property Management Coaching and Consulting for Business Owners

In this property management training program, you may learn step by step with me at your side how to get your property rented within 30 days to get maximum rent, find the perfect tenant, and do it like a PRO! You will learn:

  • The best way to price your rental to stick out from the others.
  • The best way to advertise it officially to bring the right renters.
  • How to shoot amazing photographs and keep the scammers away.
  • How to demonstrate the property legally with present tenant in place.
  • When vacant, how to show the property.
  • How to screen and process applicants to get the qualified tenant.
  • How to handle the paperwork required to protect the renter and yourself.

Bonus Materials

  • Screening Questions to avoid Fair Housing Violations
  • Red Flags when demonstrating a property
  • Tips to discover the hidden dangers in an applicant’s paperwork
  • Photography secrets
  • Addendums you need
  • Sound Blogs of Kathleen walking you through the process
  • All Stuff – ready for you to use again and again

So what is the cost to NOT doing it Right?
30-60 days of rent while marketing that is lost /turning over unit.

Litigation from Fair Housing breaches – 10,000 in fines and up. I understand a professional property management company that provided different info to two callers over the telephone and was sued by HUD. They settled for $25,000. That is an expensive phone call!

Pressure, energy and your time in going to court dealing with renter, attorney, and receiving the property back all while coping with work and everyday life.

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