About Us

This was an incredibly trying time. To be able to grow the business I needed to change my believing that, “no one could do it better than me”…

The company continued to grow and systems were in place but with my responsible duties a precedence I let the employees manage more of the business and as a consequence issues were surfacing with workers and clients.

I have new tools to be the leader I’m meant to be and I wish to serve my co-workers to be the great leaders they’re meant to be as well. We can have it all. We can have a lucrative company that allows us to retire financially secure, to build a legacy for our families, to serve our local communities by employing great individuals, by handling real estate for our clients for them to give their time to other things and to offer quality home to those who are leasing at this time within their lives. It truly is a wonderful career filled with service on many levels. I am really proud to be small business owner and a property manager. It’s my want to share, serve and support those around me.

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