Features & Services

To share, serve and support my Property Management sector specialists and also the company is created by the residential landlord to assist them and lives THEY need.

Coaching Workshops

Designed to be motivational for property management business owners.

Retreats 1/2 day to Full Day

It is a time to explore or problem solve challenges and look for new opportunities.

Kick Start Program

S-Factor Assessment and receive a 1-2 hour debrief of the assessment results.

Maintenance Program

This is great for when you need extra sessions, or ongoing maintenance basis.

Personal Diagnostic

You will take all the different assessments offered enough to motivate us toward change.

Just for Me Program

This program is customized just for you. A minimum of 4 sessions is required.

Tenancy Made Easy

Learn how to manage your rental on an ongoing basis and do it like a PRO!

Leasing Made Easy

Learn step-by-step how to get your property rented within 30 days to get maximum rent.

About Us

This was an incredibly trying time. To be able to grow the business I needed to change my believing that, “no one could do it better than me”... The company continued to grow and systems were in place but with my caregiving duties a precedence I let the employees manage more of the business and as a consequence issues were surfacing with workers and clients.

Who we are?

The Property Management profession is a wonderful one with lots of chances to be of service but it's also an extremely stressful profession which may lead to burnout very quickly as well as provided me with an unbiased professional to assist me keep my pressure in check.

What we do?

In this property management training program, you are going to learn step by step at your side with me the best way to get your property rented within 30 days to get maximum rent, locate the right tenant, and do it like a PRO!

Property Management for Business Owners

To educate and supply those looking to be a landlord that was professional. Please inquire about coming programs and pricing.


Reference resource on a variety of property management topics that will provide you with a framework to manage your own rental properties and change your view about being a landlord to being a business person.

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Queenstown Estate Slot In The Dawson

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Property Management Coaching and Consulting for Business Owners

In this property management training program, you may learn step by step with me at your side how to get your property rented within 30 days to get maximum rent, find the perfect tenant, and do it like a PRO! You will learn: The best way to price your rental to stick out from the […]

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